Pregnancy & Pediatrics

Austin Chiropractic is a family practice. Dr. Austin cares for, treats and adjusts pregnant women, babies and children of all ages.  Dr. Austin's own family, including wife and three children, benefit from chiropractic care.  Having experienced first hand the many health benefits of chiropractic, Dr. Austin aims to provide the same wellness care to many other families.


Dr. Austin studied and is trained in the Webster technique.  Additionally, Dr. Austin receives insight and training on pediatric chiropractic from top doctors around the nation. The Webster technique is used to assess and reposition the mother's hips and decrease excess tension on the round ligaments.  This technique reduces the stress on the baby and the mother, thereby promoting health for both the mom and her child.

I started seeing Dr. Austin for my sciatic and SPD pain during pregnancy. He sincerely cares about each of his patients and has spent countless hours with me helping me find exercises and relief. pregnant or not, if you’re looking for a chiropractor that cares as much about you as he does your muscles, bones and joints, Dr. Austin is the man to see!
— Andee R.

Benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy include:
-less discomfort during pregnancy due to proper alignment of the spine and hips and proper tension and stress on ligaments
-keeping the pelvic floor open so baby has room to move and position appropriately, putting less stress on baby and mom
-average push time of 8 to 20 minutes for expectant mothers under chiropractic care.


What sets Dr. Austin apart from other chiropractors is his love for children and specialized gentle adjusting technique. Children can sense Dr. Austin's care for them and they really look forward to seeing him and getting their adjustments.  Dr. Austin usually references the sound of popcorn to children during their first visit so they can know what to expect.  Children then grow to love how good they feel after the "popcorn".   Adjustments for newborns and small children are performed with extremely light touch.  Parents are often amazed at how gentle Dr. Austin is and at how well little ones respond to chiropractic care. Dr. Austin is also a member of The International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA).

grow healthy kids.PNG
Dr. Austin is THE BEST! My 15 month old wasn’t sleeping and was having constant double ear infections before we found this amazing office! Not only has his sleeping improved, but the ear infections have become minimal! My son also has the age appropriate “stranger danger” thing going on...but not with Dr. Austin. he took his time to get to know my son to warm up to him and want to be helped and adjusted before ever attempting treatment.
— Tiffany M.